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WalkingSun.jpg (225768 bytes)Jake's adventures in Mexico, Central America and Thailand have blossomed into this sunny collection of new sing-along tunes for the whole family. Inspired by the beauty of Mother Nature, Walking in the Sun offers many musical styles. Strains of warm calypso and reggae sway in "Look It Up In A Book" and "Buzz Buzzity Buzz". "Monkey See-Monkey Do" and "Boom! Boom! Boom!" bubble with a little Latin mambo and salsa. Add a little Cajun spice ("Elevator Fun") and some good old rock 'n roll ("The Dinosaur Dance") - now you've got the winning recipe for Walking in the Sun.

Walking in the Sun 3:16
Big Fish, Little Fish 2:57
Look It Up In A Book 3:02
Firefly 4:26
Boom! Boom! Boom! 2:31
The Dinosaur Dance 3:45
Little Stick House 4:57

Monkey See, Monkey Do 2:49
Elevator Fun 2:51
Buzz, Buzzity, Buzz 3:34
Alphabet Farmer 4:01
Hookey Spookey 2:59
Bobbin' In My Boat 3:25

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PPCDCover.jpg (246182 bytes)A collection of delicious original songs the whole family will enjoy! Jake bakes up a yummy mix of true life adventures interwoven with tropical themes guaranteed to stimule the imagination...and the appetite.

Lobster Twist 3:41
Banana Split 2:28
Living In The Jungle 4:00
World, World, World 3:35
I Can Hear The Train 3:41
You're Different Just Like Everybody Else 2:27
Coconut Song 3:37
Mister Ice Cream Man 3:09
Ghost In The House 3:58
Dreamworld 3:48
Pizza, My Heart's Delight 3:18
Pizza Paradise 3:39

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DanceDino.jpg (202620 bytes)Join Jake and his friends on fun-filled journeys to exotic lands. From dinosaurs to Martians, the many characters will magically come alive! A rainbow of musical flavours including bluegrass, reggae, rap, folk and rock 'n roll will soon have everyone singing along. These original songs will captivate and delight children of all ages.

Dinosaurs 3:44
Mr. Martian 3:55
Farm Yard Rap 2:46
Banana Ain't Got No Bones 3:03
Tails 3:36
Dancing With The Dinosaurs 5:02

Nothing But A Shadow 2:25
Just A Piece Of Garbage 3:05
You Can't Breathe Underwater 3:27
Going For A Swim 2:27
I Love You Mr. Clown 3:59
Happy Being Me 2:30

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ContentMoi1.jpg (41027 bytes)Vous pouvez maintenant obtenir les plus grands succès de Jacques en français! C'est la musique entraînante et des airs faciles á chanter. C'est la façon idéale d'apprendre le français tout en s'amusant.

Jacques Chénier's greatest hits are now available in French! Catchy tunes and easy lyrics make for a fun and exciting way to learn French.

Content d'être moi 2:30
Mets-moi au recyclage 2:46
Un fantôme dans la maison 3:58
Monsieur Crème Glacée 3:09
J'entends le train 3:41
N'essaye pas de respirer sous l'eau 3:27
Dinosaures 3:46
Quand on vit dans la jungle 4:00
Paradis de pizza 3:39
Arrêtez, regardez et écoutez 3:08
La danse des crabes 3:43
Notre terre 3:35

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